A Modern Expression of Shared history

Soéle is a fine knitwear brand that blends thoughtfully-sourced materials and time honored craftsmanship with the style heritage of Black-American leisure culture.

Drawing on narratives of kinship and chosen family, fellowship and recreation, Soéle is a modern expression of collective memory and the authentic luxury of shared history. Knitted from soft, high-quality alpaca, our sweaters and accessories are made to be worn in the moments that speak to who you are and where you come from. Inspired by our favorite school clothes, holiday fits, hand-me-downs, gifts from aunties, photos of our parents, our knits are designed to be lived in.

Soéle embraces community-sustained sourcing and manufacturing through close relationships with farms and factories in Peru.

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Natural. Sustainable. EXCEPTIONAL.

More valuable to the Incas than silver or gold, Alpaca is deeply embedded in the Peruvian economy and culture and has among the highest standards for ethical sourcing. Our Alpaca is hypoallergenic, and warmer than traditional wool fibers. Alpacas are some of the most sustainable sources of warmth, due to their light, eco-footprint and quick fur growth. The way we process our Alpaca makes our sweaters luxuriously soft, and the thickness of traditional Alpaca fibers means they can be worn beautifully for decades.


My words.

I set out to establish this brand because I recognized the importance of melding the ethical production of heirloom knits with the cultural significance and visionary trendsetting evinced in black culture. I stand by everything we make and believe that a modern brand should always be accountable to the people who bring its pieces to life at every step in the process.

- Miles